Video strategies

Parfumarama is a Perfurm shop located in Guangzhou created in april 2010
Since april 2010 to october 2011, they was absolutly no traffic at all from SEO
In october 2011 we have launch a Video campaign were we has generated more than 300 videos and that we have after published on 600 real diffrent youtube accounts we unique description and deep links.
One month after :
    - The traffic grow up from 0 visitors to around 8000 unique vistors per months
    - Alban in visit in Guangzhou to talk about the strategy and meet overthere a lovely chinese woman. 2 years later they are married and they live in a lovely farm in South of Guangzhou
Video Strategies
We can do the same for you (The video strategy not the lovely farm).

We can generate videos on the same principe, or we can spend  2-3 days in your company to do interview videos about your activities
Then we publish on houndreds or thousand of old and very clean Youtube accounts with a unique content (250word) and a deep link.

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